Set Bottiglie con Medaglioni ROSSO & AZZURRO - My AQUA Bottle

Bottles Set with RED and BLUE Glass Medallions

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Beautiful SET of decorated glass bottles with Artisan Medallions of Perlera Cristina Linzi composed by our beloved ones Red & Blue Medallions

This gift set, allows you to have the 2 bottles for still and sparkling water to be served on the table with elegance and is suitable for lovers of the Venetian atmosphere.

Decorate with Murrine and Medallions made individually by hand by the glass masters of the island of Murano.
Each decoration is a piece Unique in the world and comes from the skilful art of the millenary glass processing typical of the Venetian island.
MyAquaBottle combines the captivating and finely studied design with the craftsmanship precision of the decorations in Murano glass.
Inside each glass medallion, the artist Cinzia Linzi individually imprints millimeter decorations by hand such as the prestigious Winged Lion of San Marco (called Moeca) authentic symbol of the ancient glories of Venice.
Every MyAquaBottle is assembled hand and can be decorated and customized as desired (with a minimum edition of 8 pieces)

MyAquaBottle it will be your elegant, helpful and long-lasting container for: 

  • microfiltered water on the table, both sparkling and natural
  • ideal replacement for horrible plastic bottles and containers of all kinds
  • healthy container of your herbal teas and any type of hot / cold drink
  • container of various objects, perfumes, shells, sugared almonds, chocolates. . . .  
  • Simple to clean and sanitize, easy to place in your fridge

 Here are some small tricks that will allow yours Aqua Bottle to last a long time without deteriorating the decorations.

  • Remove any unused water when you're done serving to prevent limescale and streaks.

  • To preserve its shine, just pour it into your own AquaBottle 1lt of hot water with a dissolved teaspoon of bicarbonate or, alternatively, 1 glass of White Vinegar.

With these simple steps yours Aqua Bottle will continue to shine generating those luminous transparencies ofart, water and glass, "Genius Loci" of the most beautiful city in the world, Venice.


practical for internal cleaning:

In order to avoid the formation of bacteria and internal limestone that takes away the shine, yes

- frequent water changes.

- a manual wash a week with hot water and 1 tablespoon of baking soda
or hot water and 1 glass of white vinegar.

Material: Extra-Flint tempered glass

Capacity: 1 liter

Weight: 900 grams

Max pressure: 4 Bar

Wide mouth hole: 2,8 cm

Material Plug: Aluminum with gasket

Measures: h 27,2 cm – l 9,8 cm – p 5,9 cm

Peso Packaging: (no plastic) 370 grammi