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Artistic bottle from Venice with love.

MyAquaBottle it's the only one 1 liter glass bottle with screw cap in anodized aluminum and stainless steel, embellished with Murrine and Medallions handmade by Glass Masters of the island of Murano in Venice.
In addition to significantly reducing the daily consumption of disposable plastic bottles, MyAQUABottland for its versatility it allows multiple uses.
A dip in the Balearic waters full of plastic waste awakened in me the desire to find a solution to the problem: an artistic glass bottle, elegant but practical, functional but eco-sustainable, an object of daily use but with a long life.
Once back in my beloved Venice I decided to design and make an original bottle of the liter embellished with Murrine and Medallions in Murano's glass, made individually by hand, able to embellish your tables with bright transparencies.

From that moment on my father Sergio and I gave life to our dream ....... yours .... MyAquaBottle.

The Design rectangular was developed starting from the need to optimize space and practicality of use, while still guaranteeing the capacity of 1 liter
But the shape was not enough to give life to something unique in the world, so in collaboration with the glass masters from the island of Murano in Venice, we have hand-set in every single bottle one of the most precious glasses, the Venetian Murrina.

Made one by one, piece by piece they tell a fragment of the history of most beautiful city in the world, Venice, decorating and enhancing at the same time, the table of House, from Offices, Restaurants and Rooms of hotels among the most prestigious.

But like the most precious jewels, not only the Venetian Murrine from Ercole Moretti pray to Glass Medallions of Murano individually hand-pulled by Cristina Linzi ... and so are i Medallions in Traditional Majolica of the Zanolli Cercamiche Artistiche of Bassano.
The Brand MyAQUABottle does not stop here, other projects for the artisan dressing of the everyday water bottle are underway: from the reconverted wooden medallions of the Venetian bricole, to the rounds of the Murano pearls, to metals and precious stones etc etc

So sit comfortably and enjoy this journey inside "MyAquaBottle World" to take advantage of the Design, ofHandicraft and Italian Style applied to an essential but refined liter glass water bottle.


How much do water crates weigh?

With My AQUA Bottle, you no longer have to worry about carrying heavy cases of water (up) the stairs. Conveniently fill your bottle using your tap water or a microfiltered water system directly in your home.


Environmental sensitivity and desire to support local craftsmanship

By choosing My AQUA Bottle, you not only opt for an ecological product, but you also support the local craftsmanship of Venice. Each bottle is handcrafted by the best Venetian artisans, thus preserving the traditions and beauty of the city.


Baglioni Hotel luna - Venice

Hotel La fenice - venice

Antica pizzeria da michele - Los ANgeles

Personalize My AQUA Bottle

My AQUA Bottle for Catering, Hotels and your Events.

Are you the owner of a restaurant or hotel? Are you looking for a gift idea for your guests or clients?

We present our artistic glass bottle "MyAQUABottle", born from the desire to elevate an everyday table accessory, making it elegant and unique.

It is the first 1 liter rectangular bottle, robust, with a wide mouth and an anodized aluminum screw cap that seals hermetically. Suitable for both natural and CO2-added water.

Discover an eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic with MyAQUABottle!

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