The Ecological Packaging of My AQUA Bottle: A Responsible Choice

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The packaging of a product is much more than a simple package, it is a manifestation of values ​​and a commitment to protecting the environment.

This is why My AQUA Bottle has opted for the creation of packaging that not only fully protects the products during shipping, but also reflects its eco-sustainability values.

Packaging designed with Renewable and Sustainable Materials

As part of our sustainability mission, we paid particular attention to the creation of the packaging for our artistic glass water bottles .

The choice of cardboard as the main material was not random, but rather the result of a careful evaluation of its eco-friendly characteristics. In addition to being completely recyclable , this material stands out for its ease of disposal , thus helping to promote a virtuous life cycle and minimize the overall environmental impact of our product.

Our sustainability philosophy doesn't stop there: every aspect of our packaging design has been carefully studied to maximize efficiency and minimize waste of resources.

Robustness and Versatility for International Shipments

The strength and durability of our packaging makes it ideal for international shipping , ensuring that our bottles reach customers around the world in perfect condition.

In this way, we not only commit to conveying a tangible message of environmental responsibility to every consumer, but also ensure the optimal protection of our glass water bottles during shipments.

Robust and Elegant Packaging - My AQUA Bottle

The Collaboration with Smurfit Kappa: Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Our partnership with Smurfit Kappa , a world leader in the production of paper-based packaging solutions , represents a key pillar of our sustainability strategy. Thanks to this collaboration, we are able to offer eco-sustainable packaging that goes beyond simple expectations.

Our collaboration with Smurfit Kappa is an alliance based on shared values ​​of sustainability and environmental responsibility. With their support, we continue to innovate and advance on our path to a greener, more sustainable future for all.

My AQUA Bottle: A Combination of Elegance and Sustainability

Our 1 liter glass bottle is equipped with a screw cap in anodized aluminum and stainless steel and embellished with murrine and medallions handmade by the master glassmakers on the island of Murano in Venice .

My AQUA Bottle - A combination of elegance and sustainability

In addition to significantly reducing the daily consumption of disposable plastic bottles, My AQUA Bottle offers a unique and versatile experience. Like the most precious jewels, our Venetian murrine by Ercole Moretti , the Murano glass medallions individually handmade by Cristina Linzi and the traditional majolica medallions by Zanolli Cercamiche Artistiche of Bassano add a touch of elegance and refinement to every experience with My AQUA Bottle.

My AQUA Bottle The Perfect Bottle for Home and Office

Choosing My AQUA Bottle is not just an option to improve the aesthetics of your table, but rather constitutes a genuine commitment towards building a more sustainable future for our planet .

If you own a hotel or restaurant and would like to request a personalized quote or more information on how to integrate My AQUA Bottle into your business, visit our website .

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